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beard transplant london

People who have always lacked facial hair are now turning to beard transplants. Many celebrities are now sporting beards and it seems that the bare minimum these days amongst our Hollywood counterparts is some stubble.

At Harley Street Healthcare we’ve seen a significant rise in beard transplant enquiries over the past 5 years making the decade that of the beard transplant in London. If you’ve lost facial hair, we’d love to restore it for you.

All of Harley Street Healthcare’s hair transplant surgeons have specialist interests in beard transplantation, and our Principal surgeons are masters of the art. As the facial skin is more sensitive to trauma than our scalps, choosing the right surgeon of your beard transplant is of utmost importance and that’s why if you opt for a beard transplant with us, we would only put you in with one of our principal surgeons.

Our Principal beard transplant surgeons use the same concepts as our ultra-refined FUE hair transplant for the scalp only this time we apply it to areas of reduced facial hair density.

There are various medical conditions including autoimmune and fungal disorders which can lead to facial hair loss. These often occur in patches rather than diffuse hair loss. Regardless of what’s causing your facial hair to fall out, or if you’ve always had a lack of facial hair please do get in touch and our team are here to help. Please call us on 0207 030 3364.

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