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Hair Clinic Edinburgh: A Guide to Hair Transplant

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If you’re searching for a hair clinic Edinburgh that provides hair transplant services, you may have questions about the procedure, cost, and potential benefits and risks. However, it’s important to note that this procedure is neither simple nor expensive.

It requires thorough planning, preparation, and proper aftercare. This article aims to provide you with the information and answers needed to make an informed decision.

Types of Hair Transplants offered by Harley Street Healthcare

Different options are available for hair loss treatment, each with its own characteristics and applications.

  • One standard method is Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), which involves removing a strip of hair-bearing scalp and then dissecting it into individual follicular units for transplantation.
  • Another method is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), where individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area without removing a strip of scalp, resulting in less invasive treatment and minimal scarring.
  • For those seeking a fuller and more even beard, beard transplants are available. These processes utilize techniques like FUT or FUE to enhance facial hair density or restore hair in areas with patchiness or scarring.
  • Similarly, eyebrow transplants can help individuals achieve natural and full eyebrows. By extracting tiny hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them into the eyebrows, lasting results are achieved for those with sparse or missing eyebrows.

People for Hair Transplants

People with noticeable hair loss or thinning can get a hair transplant. This technique helps men and women with pattern baldness. A successful transplant requires a stable donor area with solid hair follicles. Good health is also essential because medical issues can affect candidacy. Hair transplants boost hair density but may not restore original levels.

Thus, realistic expectations are needed. Hair loss can affect self-esteem and mental health, making a hair transplant a confidence booster. Consult a hair restoration specialist first. They can determine if a hair transplant is suitable for a person.

Procedure Steps

Hair transplant procedures in Edinburgh vary by method, hair loss severity, and clinic. However, a general outline:

  • Before the procedure, it is essential to consult a member of our surgical team at our hair clinic in Edinburgh about expectations, goals, and options. The surgeon will check your scalp, sketch your hairline, and measure and photograph it.
  • Arrive at the clinic on procedure day to meet your surgeon and medical team. A local anesthetic will numb your scalp, and a sedative will relax you.
  • You’ll be bandaged and given antibiotics and painkillers after the surgery. Aftercare procedures include washing, drying, and protecting your hair. You may leave the clinic the same day or stay overnight.

Recovery and Aftercare

The procedure, quantity of hair loss, and clinic you choose can also affect hair transplant Edinburgh recovery and aftercare.

  • Avoid touching, scratching, or rubbing your scalp for the first few days.
  • Sleeping with your head up reduces edema and bleeding.
  • Wash your hair carefully with a light shampoo and lukewarm water for the first week after surgery.
  • Use saline spray or lotion to keep your scalp moist and prevent scabs. Avoid styling products and tools on your hair.
  • Follow your surgeon’s hair care instructions for the first month after surgery.

Hair Transplant Cost

FUT hair transplant in Edinburgh cost roughly £4,000 for 3,000 hairs (1,500 grafts), whereas FUE hair transplants cost around £5,000. These are approximations; The complexity of your case can affect the hair transplant cost in Edinburgh.

Hair loss sufferers benefit from hair transplantation. First, it fixes baldness or hair loss permanently and naturally—lifelong growth of transplanted hair. No chemicals or drugs are used, and the treatment requires little upkeep.

While hair transplantation is generally safe, it has dangers. Infection, bleeding, and scarring at donor or recipient sites are common complications. The transplanted hair may not grow as planned, causing an uneven appearance. Another danger is shock loss, where hair falls out temporarily after the surgery.

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Q: How long does a hair transplant last?

A: Since transplanted hairs resist hormones that trigger hair loss, they can last a lifetime. Your original hair may still fall out owing to aging or other circumstances. Therefore, you may need further sessions or treatments to maintain benefits.

Q: When will I see the results of a hair transplant?

A: The transplanted hairs grow and merge with your existing hairs over time. You may observe some improvement after 3–4 months, but full benefits may take 12–18 months according to the British Association of hair restoration surgeons.

A hair transplant may be a viable solution if you’re interested in restoring your hair and boosting your appearance and self-esteem. To determine if you are a suitable candidate for a hair transplant, it’s advisable to consult with a skilled and experienced surgeon at our reputable hair clinic Edinburgh or any other Harley Street healthcare trusted location.

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