FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) In London– also known as the Strip Method

Although deemed by some to be an out-dated method of hair transplantation, at Harley Street Healthcare we offer the Strip Method as well as the FUE.

The Strip or "FUT" is suited for patients who have significantly reduced doner area as compared with the FUE. Although a small linear scar is left following the procedure the FUT does have the benefit of being able to extract more hair roots per follicular graft which can often result in a greater density than the FUE procedure. The FUT hair transplant is also priced slightly lower than the FUE as it requires less surgical time than FUE.

FUT Hair Transplant London

1) Donor Area Identification: The donor region is assessed for suitability and shaved to size 1/2 to prepare for folicular harvesting

2) Harvesting the Strip:A long strip of scalp containing follicular grafts is cut out of the donor area using a scalpel.

3) Slithering: The Strip is then cut down into individual grafts – this process is also known as slithering.

4) The FUT grafts are now implanted into the areas of low density

If you think you are suitable for the FUT procedure, please call a member of our medical team on 0207 030 3364 who will be more than happy to discuss your options.

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