Does Hair Loss Clinic Birmingham Provide Desired Results?

A good number of men and women are seen to lose their hair strands very fast. More people are getting bald these days. The wig is not exactly the solution that many desire to have as it can be embarrassing at times. Then how do have full hair on the head and ensure future growth? Hair transplants can be a wonderful solution.

About Hair Transplantation Technique

It is performed by qualified doctors to include more hair on the patient’s head. This is mostly done in those areas that are thinning or balding fast. Hair is taken from the scalp’s thicker parts or perhaps other body parts. Then it is grafted to the balding or thinning section. In this procedure, large hair tufts are transplanted. Although a costly procedure, it does offer immense success.

Do such transplants provide the desired results?

Surgeons at the Best Hair Transplant Clinic London with time have been using micro and mini-grafts to reduce transplanted hair size on the scalp. The truth is when compared to other OTC hair restoration techniques and products, hair transplants undoubtedly are a better bet. But then you need to undertake some research to know what the procedure involves. Also, take adequate steps to ensure getting the desired results.

Some factors to consider

  • The transplanted hair is likely to thin with time similar to regular hair.
  • 10% to 80% of transplanted hair is expected to grow back fully within 3-4 months.
  • Those having dormant hair follicles might experience less effective transplants.
  • Plasma therapy can be availed to ensure 75+% transplanted hair grows back again fully.

Can everyone benefit from this procedure?

The truth such transplants do not work effectively for everyone. Mainly, they are used to restore back hair in scalp areas that are thinning or balding naturally. Even those who have lost hair caused to injuries can grow their hair back with this method. Discussing with the leading doctors at the reputed Hair Loss Clinic Birmingham will help you determine if you are eligible for it or not.

Factors that define the cost involved

You need to be aware of the involved cost before availing of the procedure. Generally, the clinics charge per session which is again dependent on the following factors. You need to keep in mind that being just another cosmetic procedure, your health insurance might not provide coverage for it.

  • Surgeon availability in the area.
  • Transplant procedure extent
  • Chosen surgical technique
  • Surgeon’s overall experience and reputation

Know the types

There are two methods offered to eligible patients, namely: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). You need to take consult with an experienced doctor about the two procedures. Find out what will work out best for your case. Also, get to know how the procedures are carried out in both cases. To find out the cost involved in both of them. Accordingly, choose the best one.


Both procedures might take several days to finish. This again depends on the work amount performed by your surgeon. But then, you may go home after the procedure. But you will have to take proper precautions and adhere to the instructions given by your doctor to ensure a quick recovery and fast growth of hair.

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