Hair Transplant in London: Post-transplant Hair Care Tips

Receding hair and baldness can be a worrisome factors for any person. The availing hair transplant procedure is indeed a major decision, especially for those who are losing hair continuously. Remember, not every person losing hair will automatically be eligible for this advanced procedure. For this remedy to take place, you will require clear recipient and donor areas. Consulting the hair specialist, you can know if you are eligible for this procedure or not.

Things to understand

Perhaps, you are found a suitable candidate to avail for a Hair Transplant in London and the procedure takes place without a glitch. But still, several things might go wrong. Numerous things might affect that could result in your hair not being able to grow how you expect it to be, post-transplant period. Hence, you are to be aware of certain things and follow some essential tips to ensure hair grows better after the transplant. Besides having good hair, ensure that the transplant ‘sticks’ properly.

Important Tips to Follow after Having a Transplant Procedure

  • Before starting the procedure, you will get to know about London Hair Transplant Price. Also, the specialist’s office will provide a list of do’s and don’ts to adhere to following the procedure. The instructions generally will be offered in printed versions so that you can stick them in a place where it is easy to view them and follow them strictly.
  • After completion of the procedure, it is essential to have someone to take you to your place. You do need the maximum rest possible immediately after the procedure at least until the following morning. Since you will be provided with anesthesia or sedation, you are recommended not to drive home on your own. This is to eliminate the involved risk factors.
  • For three nights initially, it is necessary to ensure that your head remains in a slightly elevated position while sleeping. This can help to swell be controlled as well as reduce the pain accompanied by it. Do not attempt to do anything or worry excessively as it might only cause your head pain. Also, restrict your movement as much as possible.
  • Refrain from smoking and alcohol for a few days. Also avoid taking medicines containing aspirin, since it is considered to be a blood thinner. Its consumption will only cause healing-related problems. The transplant surgeon should be discussed the medications that you are currently taking. Perhaps, you might be advised to not take them for a few days post-transplantation period.
  • One common side-effect experienced is bleeding. If you face it, then apply steady and gentle pressure until the bleeding stops. Generally, it stops within a few minutes. Otherwise, contact your transplant surgeon immediately to get a proper remedy. You should not apply excessive pressure to stop it or completely ignore it or leave it for the next day. You do need appropriate medication that the surgeon can provide.

Being wise

Your hair transplantation procedure can be effective only if you listen and adhere to what the surgeons say. Also, avoid hair products for some time and use only those that are suggested by the professional. Besides enjoying good hair on your head, you also need to be fully safe.

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