How Much Is A Hair Transplant In The UK?

Long gone are the days when people could flaunt their hair and its natural beauty without a second thought. Given how different types of hair problems have become prevalent in the society, everyone needs to think ten times before opting for a certain hairstyle or dying their hair to match their looks. Not only this, the increasing hair problems severely impact an individual’s self-respect, confidence, and self-esteem. Most people develop social anxiety just at the thought of going out in front of the crowd with bald patches or frizzy, reduced hair.

While several medications are available in the market, they offer temporary relief from the problems. For instance, if you use a medicated shampoo to prevent hair fall, it might appease your needs for the first couple of weeks. But after that, the condition will relapse and this time, it might worsen further. So, given this picture, the best decision will be to opt for a permanent resolution — hair transplantation in the UK.

What Is Hair Transplantation And How Is It Done?

Hair transplantation is a medical approach that boosts hair growth and rejuvenation by facilitating hair growth from the transplanted follicles or hair strands. At Harley Street Healthcare our Harley Street hair clinic, we offer the best-in-breed hair transplantation services to our clients so that they can regain their youthful appearance, become more confident, and enjoy their life to the fullest.

Our clinic has expert doctors who are experienced in hair transplantation procedures and will help you get relief from your current problems, including bald patches, permanent baldness, excessive hair fall, and many more. We follow two different procedures for hair transplantation, namely:

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT: Also known as the strip method, FUT is a much safer approach for hair transplantation and has lesser recovery time. Here, a long strip of healthy hair is taken out from the back of the patient’s scalp and transplanted on the impacted areas. As the entire hair strip is taken, the chances of follicular survival are high, thereby showing better results.
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE: A more advanced process of hair transplantation, Follicular Unit Extraction refers to extracting singular hair strand or follicle from the healthy areas and replanting them one by one in the bald patches or the areas where hair loss is clear. Random places are chosen for extracting the units, which further reduces thinning of hair volume and leaves smaller scars.

What Factors Influence Hair Transplantation Cost In The UK?

With the demand for hair transplantation skyrocketing, most people are concerned about the procedural costs. Getting a deeper insight into the expense structure not only helps the person to make a well-informed decision but also make them realize that the procedure is much more than simply restoring the hair volume and covering the bald patches.

If you also want to know the estimated cost structure of hair transplantation, we have illustrated a few influencing factors below.

  1. Transplantation Procedure
  2. The first most obvious factor on which the hair transplantation cost will depend is the procedure you opt for. Since FUT involves removing a single strip with already growth hair follicles and implanting the same directly, the efforts involved are minimal. Furthermore, the risks are also reduced substantially, which is why it is a cost-effective process. However, if you consider FUT as the remedial approach, the cost will increase. In this case, the price is often calculated per graft extracted from your healthy scalp areas and replanted. Besides, it takes more efforts for a surgeon to get the hair extracts while ensuring the extraction zones do not suffer from further hair thinning. It also drives the cost structure higher than FUT.

  3. Price Per Graft
  4. As we have already discussed, FUE price structure is determined by the number of grafts transplanted onto the bald patches to cover the naked scalp or the areas with prominent hair fall and volume reduction symptoms. At Harley Street Healthcare our Harley Street hair clinic, we have different price slabs per graft depending on the FUE procedure our surgeon deems to be the best for our patients. Below we have briefly mentioned the procedure cost to help you understand the price variations.

    FUE procedure opted for Number of grafts or hair follicles Price per graft (£) Total estimated cost (£)
    Minimum FUE Up to 500 grafts or 1000 hairs 3.99 1,999
    Med FUE up to 1000 grafts or 2000 hairs 3.99 3,999
    Max FUE up to 1500 grafts or 3000 hairs 3.53 5,299
    Mega FUE up to 2000 grafts with 4000 hairs 2.99 5,999
    GIGA FUE up to 3000 grafts with 6000 hairs 2.27 6,799
    GIGA Plus FUE up to 3500 grafts with 7000 hairs 2.11 7399
    VIP Package Unlimited grafts for a single session NA 12000
  5. Surgeon’s Expertise
  6. The hair transplantation cost also depends on the surgeon’s expertise. If you visit a clinic where doctors have an experience of 1 to 2 years at the most, you won’t be charged much. On contrary to this, professionals with more than 5 years charge a lot for each hair transplantation setting. Even though the price is much higher, they assure safety during the procedure, minimal scarring, and a faster recovery time. Besides, their experience drives the trust high, which is certainly worthy of every penny you will be charged. For instance, At Harley Street Healthcare our Harley Street hair clinic, our surgeons are highly skilled and have at least five years of experience. So, their service quality remains uncompromised throughout, regardless of how complicated your situation is.

  7. Transplantation Clinics
  8. Another interim factor influencing the hair transplantation cost in the UK is the clinic you have chosen for the treatment. For instance, if the clinic is located in the suburbs, you will find the overall cost structure to be much lesser than transplantation clinics situated at the heart of the city. Similarly, clinics with top-notch facilities like VIP treatments, special consultation seatings, and so on will charge you a bit more. Therefore, you should choose the clinic according to your premediated budget. At Harley Street Healthcare our Harley Street hair clinic, we provide the top-notch services to our clients, ensuring they can feel at ease with us. We also offer a VIP package where we have special recovery rooms where our patients can stay for a day or two in complete relaxation.


Hair transplantation is a promising procedure for hair restoration and rejuvenation. With this detailed guide, you now have a brief idea about the cost structure and the major factors influencing the overall expenses. If you want to treat your baldness or increasing hair loss, connect with our consultants At Harley Street Healthcare our Harley Street hair clinic. We will guide you through the entire approach taken at our clinic for hair transplantation while walking you through the pre and post procedure requirements and lifestyle. If you’d like to book an appointment, call our friendly team today on 0207 030 3364.

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