What Is the Cost of a Hair Transplant? All You Need to Know with Our Harley Street Hair Clinic

Smith always used to stay depressed and anxious to meet people or go partying due to his excessive hair loss. The bald patches became more prominent with time, finally pushing him to the edge. After so many failed attempts to restore the hair's health and boost regrowth, he decided to try the last resort, hair transplantation. He was totally amazed with how the results turned out. Not only were his bald patches covered with natural hair, but he regained his confidence and youthful charm.

Losing hair not only damages the youthful look and natural beauty, but it also causes a substantial impact on one's emotional state. It is not hidden from people how hair loss can cause social anxiety, self-consciousness, and demeaning confidence. Even though several grandparent hacks and medical products claim to boost hair regrowth and rejuvenation, their efficacies are highly questionable. That's why opting for a more committed and practical approach like hair transplantation seems feasible. With this article, we will further unveil the underlying cost structures of this procedure while empowering the readers to make well-informed decisions. At Harley Street Healthcare our Harley Street hair clinic, we promise to maintain transparency throughout our discussion and offer ultimate services through hair transplantation.

Understanding The Cost Structure Of Hair Transplantation And Influencing Factors

Number of grafts

Hair grafting is the most common form of transplantation surgery, where a small patch of the scalp with hair is cut and transplanted on the bald areas. Depending on the complexity of the hair loss and the number of bald areas, your doctor can cut a single large graft or numerous micro grafts. Usually, the number of hair strands in each regular-sized graft varies from 10 to 15. Depending on this, the total grafts used in your transplantation procedure will vary, affecting the cost. The higher the number of grafts your surgeon needs to cut, the more will be the cost. Similarly, if the pre-decided locations for graft extraction are complicated, the price will automatically increase.

Technique followed

Two primary techniques are implemented for hair transplantation, namely:

  1. In FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, a single hair follicle is extracted from your body for hair transplantation.
  2. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation means the removal of a hair strip from your scalp for transplantation.

Since FUT is less complex and can be quickly done, its cost is much less than FUE. Furthermore, the time invested in extracting individual hair follicles is more than the strip, which is also a reason for the higher cost. For instance, the FUE procedure with a maximum of 1,500 grafts can cost up to £5,299, while for a maximum of 3,500 grafts, the price can go up to £7,399.

Surgeon’s expertise

The surgeon's expertise is another crucial factor to consider when deciding the cost structure. For instance, if your consulting doctor is a newbie with an average experience of a year or two, the cost won't increase much. But when the professional has worked for six or seven years in the field, the skills he has acquired through all the past cases are commendable. So, the price structure will automatically increase.

Clinic’s location

Also, the total hair transplantation cost will depend on the clinic’s location. For example, a hair clinic at the heart of the city offering world-class facilities will charge you more than a center in the suburbs. So, consider the location before confirming where you want to get your hair transplantation procedure.

Additional services

The base price of hair transplantation covers the expenses to be adhered to for the procedure itself, the doctor's fee, and any medicine or treatment you might need. Apart from this, certain overheads might also be added to the cost structure, like transportation charges, meal costs, etc.

Go Beyond The Numbers For Hair Transplantation

Quality VS price

Even though the hair transplantation cost is much higher at top-notch clinics, their service and treatment quality are never compromised. So, you cannot compare both because, in the end, you will be spending hundreds of bucks just so that your hair can regrow and restore your beauty.

Realistic expectations

Do not set unrealistic goals for the hair transplantation procedure, like having full-grown hair within a few weeks. Instead, discuss the pros and cons of the process with your consulting doctor and set realistic goals for yourself that can be achieved easily.

Long-term value

Hair transplantation has a long-term value as the hair follicles implanted are taken from healthy areas, which means they can regrow into strong hair strands and facilitate hair regeneration.

Financing Your Journey Of Hair Transplantation

It might not be easy to finance the high hair transplantation costs. However, since it is a crucial treatment approach to reduce hair loss permanently, you can opt for financing options like medical loans, insurance plans, etc.

Taking The Next Step With Our Harley Street Hair Clinic

If you are ready to take the next step, connect with our Harley Street Hair Clinic consultants. We offer free consultations to our clients, helping them analyze the conditions of their scalp and hair, damage extent, benefits and challenges of hair transplantation procedure, and many more. Call us on 02070303364 or drop a message on our social media handles.


The cost structure of hair transplantation depends on several underlying factors, including the expertise of your chosen surgeon and the procedure you have opted for. So, carefully study the plan proposed to know about the base price and overheads before proceeding further. At Harley Street Healthcare our Harley Street hair clinic, we offer the best-in-class treatments to our clients with promising quality. So, connect with our consultants to know more and, if you’d like to book an appointment call our friendly team today on 0207 030 3364.

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