Permanent Hair Regrowth London Treatment at Harley St. Healthcare

Due to the ups and downs of life, so many people experience hair loss at some point in their life. Lately, it has become really common and all those people experiencing hair loss are looking for hair loss treatment in London. The permanent hair regrowth London is a solution to all hair loss problems for both men and women.

Harley Street Healthcare is your one-stop shop to treat your hair loss problems. Here, we incorporate the best technology that is suited for your hair. We believe each client is unique and a hair transplant is done after determining the hair conditions. We assure you that the hair transplant result will leave you satisfied and confident with your looks.

Harley Street Healthcare is a hair loss clinic UK where we provide a range of affordable hair transplant options. The result of a hair transplant can blend well with your existing hair. We also have plenty of award-winning hair loss specialists who can devise a tailored approach just for your hair needs to ensure the best results.

Good Hair Can Transform Your Whole Look

The Harley Street Healthcare hair loss clinic UK is not your ordinary hair transplant clinic. Here, every person is treated with the right treatment without any kind of judgment. We believe that every person is beautiful despite their thin hair or baldness. But if someone doesn’t feel good with his or her thin hair or a receding hairline then we can help them through a hair transplant.

People tend to feel less confident when their look is affected because of their hair. But now it can be fixed, and you can look great with your head full of hair by getting permanent hair regrowth London treatment. We do the hair transplant in a way that would look so natural. It won’t look fake or made up because it would become a part of your face.

Some people are just born with high hairlines due to their genetic makeup and receding hairline is also linked with genetics. Sometimes, different cosmetic surgeries such as coronal browlifts could lead to a high hairline as well. The hair specialists at Harley Street Healthcare can fix your hairlines without messing up your previous cosmetic procedures.

Complete Treatment Packages

Affordable Price

Our clinic employs the top surgeons in London, but we take pride in admitting that we offer affordable prices for the procedures we perform on our clients. We don’t overcharge for using up-to-date procedures and advanced techniques in the industry. Check out the prices of different procedures here on our website.

Full Refunds

If you have changed your mind after booking your session and canceled, then we can refund you your money back in 7 days. We do not push our clients to go through with the procedure if they are not ready. The choice is all yours!

Initial Assessment

For us, each client is unique and requires an unbiased assessment. Therefore, we offer an initial assessment and then decide on the treatment that would suit the client.

Advanced Procedures

We offer advanced procedures that ensure relaxed and painless surgery. The transplant procedure is done by our certified surgeons.

Natural Results

A successful hair transplant is done when it blends with the real hair on the head and cannot be noticed. The hair transplants done by our surgeons look natural and nobody will notice them.

Aftercare Services

We offer post-surgical review appointments for up to 18 months after a hair transplant to monitor the progress. Our staff tries to offer you a smooth experience throughout your journey.

Industry-Leading Techniques

We use different industry-leading techniques to treat our patients. The use of modern techniques allows us to be precise to treat our client’s needs and show satisfactory results.

FUE Hair Transplant is one of the leading techniques used for hair transplant. This technique uses Unique Graft Harvesting Protocol which results in a natural hair transplant where scarring is minimum. In this process, individual hair follicles are extracted from the areas of healthy hair on your head and inserted where you have poor hair growth on your head.

Another safe and leading transplant method is FUT. It targets the forehead. It only requires a small cut at your scalp just on top of your forehead. The extracted follicles are inserted in balder areas in a way to look natural. The surgery could take 4 to 8 hours and results will be seen within a few months.

Compassionate Support and Aftercare

We offer treatment to everyone without any kind of discrimination. Both men and women can have hair transplant surgeries at our clinic. Just book a free consultation with us today. Our experienced team of surgeons can offer advice over the phone as well but you need to come for the treatment.

We understand that one can feel anxious to book an appointment, but Harley Street Healthcare is a safe space and we have a support team if you ever want to talk.

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