Is the hair transplant Wayne Rooney received worth it?

Few people in the United Kingdom are more well-recognised than Wayne Rooney. The former England, Everton, and Manchester United forward is a national icon. His years spent at the top of the game have marked him out as one of the most dynamic, intriguing players of his generation. However, as you might have noticed, Wayne went through a hair transplant midway through his career.  You might be wondering, then, how much the Wayne Rooney hair transplant cost came to. Let’s investigate.  While it hard to know the exact price as every individual is different, the hair transplant Wayne Rooney received cost around £30,000. Reports, though, do differ on this. It would be impossible to know the price an individual paid unless they publicly revealed the cost.

The average cost of such a treatment, though, can be around £9,000. Rooney, it appears, chose to go down the route of a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant. Alongside Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), these were among the most popular hair transplant techniques available when Rooney went down this route. Free from scarring and invasive procedures, FUE hair transplants are among the most popular in the industry even today. Another popular choice is known as Direct Hair Implantation (DHI). At our clinic, we can offer you numerous options to get your own Wayne Rooney hair transplant style. 

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As you might have noticed, Rooney started to lose his hair at a young age. Even by the 2010 FIFA World Cup, when Rooney was just 25, his hair was visibly fading. For a young man, especially a world class athlete, such a drastic loss of hair could be traumatic. For Rooney, it was enough to see him go to get a hair transplant.  Having been the source of jokes and ridicule, despite suffering from androgenic alopecia, Rooney decided to get his hair transplanted.

In June 2011, Rooney announced via social media platform Twitter that he had undergone hair surgery. Saying he was ‘delighted with the result’, his hair never looked as thin as and as drastic again. While he still retained a relatively short and cropped hairstyle, it was a night and day difference from the old hair he sported.

If you want to see a similar benefit to yourself, our team can provide you with numerous hair transplant solutions. Simply book a consultation and we can give you all of the advice that you could need.

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Assessments are vital to make sure you can get the best results. Our clinic will always go through a pre-treatment assessment. There, we can give you an idea of treatment options, costs, and timelines involved.

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We offer only the best price ranges for our hair transplant treatments. We do everything we can to keep you under the typically reported Wayne Rooney hair transplant cost – all without losing any quality during treatment.

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We utilise only the most modern hair treatments. Whether you want the Rooney hair transplant option of FUT/FUE or you want a DHI solution, we can offer you variety so that you are able to choose your preferred method.

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The results we produce are authentic and will blend in with the hair you already have. With our expert assistance you do not have to worry about your hair looking out of place or not matching up with your original hair.

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To ensure the results you receive last for the long-term, we offer aftercare solutions. This ensures that the end result is always positive, and that you are left with hair that looks and feels fantastic come the end of your treatment.

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Changed your mind? That is understandable. From your assessment and agreement to undertake treatment, you have a seven-day cancellation period. Simply contact us with your concerns, and we can arrange a refund.

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We understand that you want to see results that stick around for the long-term. There are simply too many stories of high-cost horror hair transplants going wrong to take any risks. This is why at our clinic we focus on making sure you get the best kind of hair transplant.

The Rooney hair transplant is well regarded as one of the most popular examples of a hair loss treatment being used by a major celebrity. You do not, though, have to be a celebrity to receive – or afford- a hair transplant.

While the Wayne Rooney hair transplant cost might never be known, we can give you a complete price if you come and speak to us today. Arrange a consultation with our in-house team and we can make sure you get all of the help that you need. 

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This is very important as every individual has to be given their own personal analysis. Every head is different, and how your body reacts and responds to the treatment will differ also. Come and speak to us, and we can give you a full, transparent analysis.

One quick call to our team can give you all of the information you require to make your choice. Contact us today, and see what hair transplant options are best suited to you.

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