Forehead Reduction London Treatment at Harley st Healthcare

It’s no secret that many people will experience hair loss at some point during their life. So, our forehead reduction surgery provides men and women with a way of keeping it under control. At Harley Street Healthcare, we are determined to provide every client with hair transplant results that leave them feeling confident. We provide a range of affordable forehead reduction London options to suit your individual hair requirements and can tailor treatment to your needs. Rest assured, our award-winning surgeons use modern techniques and equipment to ensure you see the best results after treatment.

Forehead reduction surgery uk cost can often be expensive, however, our affordable pricing and efficient techniques allow us to offer procedures that don’t break the bank. Our dedicated team of surgeons and healthcare assistants are fully committed to assessing your hair and scalp, and to precisely performing hair transplant surgery that will leave you feeling 100%. We have been trusted by thousands of clients and have exceeded expectations of forehead reduction before and after photos that will amaze you. Read about our treatment packages below to find out what services we offer.

You are more than just a hairline.

At Harley Street Healthcare we see beauty in every client, but not every client sees it in themselves. Therefore, we work hard to provide leading forehead reduction treatment London, to ensure everyone leaves our clinics feeling satisfied with their hair. Large foreheads can be a cause of reduction in self-confidence and self-esteem, due to the forehead appearing out of proportion with the rest of the face. It can be common for individuals to develop anxiety or depression about their appearance and this can negatively affect their quality of life. We’ve seen it before in men and women and know how to provide forehead reduction surgery that will remove these insecurities.

Also known as hairline lowering surgery, our smaller forehead surgery aims to make your forehead appear smaller by transplanting hair follicles at the front of the scalp. High hairlines can be passed down genetically from your parents or grandparents or can even be a side effect of previous cosmetic surgeries, for example, coronal browlifts. Our forehead reduction surgery caters to all clients in the UK, we will provide you with the correct treatment regardless of the cause of your hair loss. From genetics to stress, it’s our passion to deliver hair transplant results with care and commitment.

Complete Treatment Packages

Honest Pricing

We don’t overcharge. Top Surgeons at affordable rates. Our pricing options are suited to our industry-leading technology and techniques. Head over to our pricing page to get started today.

Full Refunds

Changed your mind? Cancel within 7 days and we’ll give you your money back! We’re relaxed – It’s your choice to undergo forehead reduction surgery, so don’t feel like you can’t change your mind.

Initial Assessment

Unique solutions tailored to your needs. We recognise that every head of hair is different, so we must provide individual treatments. It’s our mission to plan and perform treatment that makes you feel special, so we treat every client with a blank canvas and a smile.

Advanced Procedures

Our modern treatment solutions ensure your experience with us is relaxing, painless and stress-free. Our top surgeons use certified forehead reduction surgery uk methods for men and women that carefully transplant your hair.

Natural Results

The best forehead reduction surgery is when it cannot be noticed. Our treatments provide natural results that give you confidence without everyone knowing you’ve even been to see us!

Full Aftercare

Post-Surgical review appointments for up to 18 months after surgery. Check-in with your surgeons so they can monitor progress and answer any queries. Our team will work around the clock to make sure you have a smooth experience after you leave the clinic.

Industry-Leading Techniques

At Harley Street Healthcare, we offer a range of affordable forehead reduction techniques. Our team are constantly innovating and researching new methods to deliver the best forehead reduction surgery London, UK.

FUE Hair Transplant is the most popular procedure in our clinic because it provides a modern Unique Graft Harvesting Protocol to give you a natural hair transplant whilst minimising scarring. This process involves extracting individual hair follicles from areas of healthy hair on your head and inserting them into the areas of poorer growth. Our surgeons use micropunches to ensure pain-free follicle extraction and almost no signs of removal are left behind. This is a very safe smaller forehead surgery procedure and poses minimal risks to you.

Alternatively, we offer FUT hair transplant surgery to achieve your forehead reduction goals. This is a slightly less modern process and requires a strip of scalp to be cut so that follicles can be removed. The strip is then replaced and the extracted follicles are used to be inserted into balder areas of the head to create a natural appearance. These surgeries take between 4-8 hours and results are often seen within months.

Compassionate Support and Aftercare

Our treatments are catered to all genders – we offer transplant options to everyone, including hairline surgery women. So, get in touch today for your free consultation.

It’s common to feel anxious in the build-up to your appointments, so we have a caring support team on hand if you ever need to talk. Our experienced team of surgeons can provide advice over the phone or in an email, to give you peace of mind about your upcoming forehead reduction surgery.

Our clients are a part of the family. So, don’t worry about being forgotten after your treatment! We offer complete aftercare to guide you through the recovery process following your forehead reduction surgery uk. We’ll book you in for regular follow-up appointments so that you have the chance to speak to our expert surgeons later on. If you looking for edi services.

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