Advisory Team


Ashley Crowne, LLB 

Director - London 

Ashley or "Ash" is one of most experienced members of staff in the Harley Street Healthcare commercial department. Having qualified as a Lawyer and coming from a military background in the armed forces,  Ash made a career change and spent the last 3 decades of his life gaining international experience in private healthcare in the United States, UAE and UK. Ashley has now brought his unparralelled  experience to Harley Street Healthcare.

Ashley’s mannerisms as well as expertise in hair loss stemmed over a decade ago when he himself was experiencing hair loss issues which acted as a catalyst to start working within the hair loss sector, initially within vitamins and hair laser technologies followed hair transplants surgeries in Harley Street Healthcare.

Ash was instrumental in the initiation of our Artificial Intelligence driven hair loss detection / outcome software which allows us to predict how prospective candidates for hair transplant surgery will look prior to undertaking a procedure with us. This type of technology is normally charged at £250 per assessment, however due to Ash’s obsession with patient centred care, we have now enabled this to be free for all of prospective patients who come in for a free consultation at Mayfair.

You will find Ash at our prestigious Mayfair branch unless he is overlooking some of our International and VIP patients at either our Harley Street clinic, Kenton or Kings Cross Centre of excellence.Feel free to book a face to face or video consultation with Ash by calling 0207 030 3364 or fill in the contact form  and ask for Ash.

David Trattles 

Hair Loss Specialist Advisor - Midlands

David, hails from a business management background in a multitude of service based industries prior to joining us at Harley Street Healthcare. Known for his meticulous nature and eagerness to assist patients from all walks of life, David has actually received a hair transplant procedure himself. David's procedural outcome represents the gold standard for what we at Harley Street Healthcare believe to be a perfect and natural result.

Having undergone hair transplant surgery himself, David fully understands the pitfalls of hair loss as well as the hair restoration industry having visited multiple different clinics and finally deciding on Harley Street Healthcare due to our unique patient centric approach to care delivery.

Being a Harley Street Healthcare patient himself, David's ability to explain his own experience of the hair transplant and how it has impacted his life and how it can impact yours is unparralelled. David knows exactly what you are going through and is ever eager to help you restore your confidence so if you'd like to book a consultation with David and go on the same journey as him please contact us on 0207 030 3364 or fill in the contact form with your details and ask for David.

Matthew Blossom

Hair Loss Specialist Advisor - London

Matthew hails from a legal background with a wealth of experience and knowledge within the regulatory requirements of the Care Quality Commission making him an asset to the Harley Street Healthcare family.  Like some of our other advisors, Matthew joined Harley Street Healthcare having received a hair transplant him self at our own International Centre of Excellence in Kings Cross London.

Matthew's eagerness to share his Harley Street Healthcare experience with other hair loss sufferers has allowed Matthew to fulfil his life long ambition of being an outstanding pillar of society, helping others get their confidence back and achieve their goals and dreams.

Matthew regularly meets up with other hair loss sufferers and invites them to Harley Street Healthcare to show them that hair loss truly is a choice and the benefits of undergoing a life chaining procedure, such as a world class Hair Transplant by one of the most prestigious clinics in the world need not be just a dream but a reality which can happen very soon for most!

If you'd like a free consultation with Matthew call us today on 02070303364 or simply fill in the contact form and ask for Matthew.  

Hakeem Williams

Director - Manchester 

Hakeem joined Harley Street Healthcare almost 7 years ago as an junior associate and has worked his way up over the years to becoming one of the most respected members of the team at Director level.

Hakeem's dedication to the promotion of hair loss treatments in an ethical manner has been instrumental in the strong reputation afforded to Harley Street Healthcare in the UK's hair transplant epicentre of Manchester.

Hakeem has worked diligently over the last 5 years growing Harley Street healthcare's presence in  Manchester and oversees the provision of hair restoration surgery to thousands of patients annually who are ever indebted to hakeem for taking them on their hair restoration journey in a kind, non judgemental and compassionate manner.

In his spare time Hakeem is an avid body builder, dietician and personal trainer and often advises many of our VIP athletes who visit Harley Street healthcare on training regimes for long term health benefits along side the hair transplant procedure.

If you'd like to book a free consultation with Hakeem please call 02070303364 or fill in the contact form.


Kings Cross Centre of Excellence

Harry is one of our longest standing members of Harley Street Healthcare. Having brought his wealth of international experience from previously held positions in some of the worlds largest manufacturing and healthcare organisations,  he has been instrumental to the operational success of our centre of excellence in Kings Cross.

Being one of the largest clinics for hair transplant surgery in Europe, Haras has ensured that we provide a very bespoke and tailor made service for each and every patient who undergoes a hair transplant surgery with us.

Harry's depth of knowledge regarding the Department of Health, ISO and Care Quality Commission as well as its fundamental standards has allowed him to devise a continuous improvement project to ensure all procedures provided by us are in line with the latest regulatory requirements.

Furthermore Harry's background as a Six Sigma Certified  Continuous Improvement specialist has allowed us to ensure that we are at the forefront of any pioneering activities carried out by our principal hair transplant surgeons at our centre of excellence including non invasive surgeries.

You are most likely to find Harry either at our Harley Street clinic or our Kings Cross centre of excellence. As a valued patient of Harley Street healthcare your presence is always welcomed! So if you’re ever in the area and simply want to pop in and say hi, considering hair loss treatment or you would like to be a media partner and would like a tour of the premises please get in touch and ask for Harry, his friendly and warm nature has made him part of very essence of the Harley Street Healthcare culture.


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