Fue Hair Transplant Success Rate

Fue Hair Transplant

A good number of men and women these days suffer from hair loss. It can really be an embarrassing situation. If left uncontrolled, it may even lead to balding at a very early age. You may come across numerous over-the-counter remedies claiming to offer hair fall solutions. But most of them are beyond the means of the average person or do not live up to their expectations.

Cosmetic surgery

Patients can now dream of restoring their lost hair by availing of modern, cosmetic surgical options. There have come up several clinics that offer hair transplantation solutions. The qualified doctors at such clinics understand the growing need of desperate people suffering from extreme hair loss. The professionals are committed to providing exceptional patient care and service. This method offers a higher success rate as well as natural-looking hair.

About FUE hair restoration

There are lots of advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and websites promoting ‘Fue Hair Transplant’. The traditional linear transplantation technique is something many are aware of. This technique is rather called ‘FUT hair restoration. The certified surgeon takes out a horizontal strip to gather hair follicles in thousands from the patient’s back part of the head. Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is an effective method.

What to expect from this transplantation method?

This is rather a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The doctor applies local anesthesia while the procedure lasts for approximately 8-10 hours. The patient has to spend a good amount of time lying on his/her back and side. For effective grafting, hairs are to be short. Patients are instructed as to how they are to cut their hair before the procedure. Incisions are not necessary. Hence, you don’t have to bother about post-operative sutures or incision care.

Side effects faced

This is indeed a safe procedure for both men and women to undergo to have natural hair on their heads. However, you may expect some scabbing, swelling, and feel discomfort at extraction sites. Generally, it is quite mild and is likely to subside very fast. After a few days, as hair grows, it will conceal whatever flaws may exist until it heals on its own. Within 48 hours of the procedure, patients may start their normal duties.

Results to expect from FUE transplant

The skilled surgeon offers quality results and amazing Hair Transplant London Prices. This method can provide patients with beautiful, full, hair on the head. A single unit transfer technique helps the surgeon to artfully and strategically place individual hairs. This ensures deriving natural growth patterns. It can be beneficial to develop a natural-looking, new hairline. The truth is your family, and friends including the hair stylist will not be able to notice the difference.


Donor sites are likely to heal completely in a few day's time after the procedure is completed. New hair starts to grow in the region in just about three months' time. Significant results can be noticed in 6-12 months. Newly transplanted hair in some patients might start to fall or think after 6 to 8 weeks. However, there is no need to fear as doctors consider it to be a natural response to the treatment availed. Amazon Edi

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