When can I get a haircut after a hair transplant?

After your hair transplant you’ll be keen to get your new hair styled, but how soon after your hair transplant should you get a haircut? and can you have it dyed, or shaved?

Let’s take look at these commonly asked questions.

So you’ve had your hair transplant and you’re thrilled with the results, but now your hair is growing at different rates and it’s starting to look a bit messy. You know you need a haircut, but should you? And if so, when?

Or, you’re still waiting to have your procedure done and you’re thinking ahead.

Whatever stage you’re at you probably talked about your hair loss with your stylist, and, as your hair loss got more intense, your stylist may have suggested alternative cuts to get the best look with the hair you had left . Luckily, hair transplant  is a solution to your hair problems.

We know that our hair transplant patients cannot wait to have their first haircut and get the hairstyle they’ve wanted for a long time.

So, the most frequently asked questions after a hair transplant are:

  • When can I have my hair cut after my hair transplant?
  • What is the best haircut after a hair transplant?

After your hair transplant you’ll hear the words “hair transplant aftercare” a lot.

This is because you need to be extra careful for a while and follow the aftercare instructions properly to achieve the best result.

So, before planning to have a haircut, you should know that even washing your hair must be done delicately.

You’ll need to take extra special care of your grafts and give them time to settle and take root before you can do things normally.

For the first month you will have been using gentle shampoo to wash your hair.

You need to be gentle with your scalp. so, no hairdryer and no high pressure showers. Use a towel to dry your hair and use gentle movements – no rubbing!

After around 10 days, the transplanted follicles will have embedded themselves into position and have sealed themselves with skin.

Until they are fully sealed, and the scalp has entirely recovered from scabbing, scarring and redness, it is better to postpone that long awaited haircut.

Key Takeaway: Transplanted hair follicles are extremely delicate for the first 10 days. Take care to avoid anything that may dislodge the grafts such as vigorous washing and drying. Your existing hair will grow at a faster rate than the new hair and will need cutting sooner. This can be

The long and the short of it is-

You should not have your hair cut immediately after a hair transplant!

Haircut after FUE

After your hair transplant you will notice that the hair you had originally grows at a faster rate than the new transplanted hair.

If you don’t like the look of your hair due to the difference in growth speed, you can get a haircut, but only for the donor area, not the transplanted hair.

It is also ideal to wait at least 3 weeks before any kind of haircut.


Will my stylist know how to cut my hair?

Hair transplants – or Hair restoration surgery - is hugely popular nowadays with thousands of procedures being undertaken every year in the UK.

As it’s a very common procedure most stylists are used to cutting the hair of transplant patients. It’s always worth having a chat with them before booking your appointment to make sure they are happy to cut your hair.

Other than the possibility of a more sensitive scalp, there is nothing particularly special or different about a scalp with transplanted hair, but, it’s probably worth a mention when you book your appointment.


When will my new hair start to grow?

Your transplanted hair will start to grow after about eight weeks, but the hair will be noticeably thinner than the rest of your hair.

At around the 3 month mark your transplanted hair will fall out


This is a condition called Shock Hair Loss and just like baby teeth, the transplanted hair will fall out and the new hair will grow back with greater density and thickness.

The new hair will be immune to any kind of hair loss and is absolutely permanent.

Once your new hair has grown and thickened you can have a haircut, but only with scissors for a while.

As we said before, the transplanted grafts are very delicate at first, so although they are sealed and secure, having your new hair shaved may harm the transplanted hair, so for the first six months stick with the scissors!

Can I dye my hair after a hair transplant?

This is another popular question asked by patients who’ve had a hair transplant. The answer is Yes!

But, the skin on your scalp will be much more sensitive for the first six months, so it’s better to wait until everything has settled down.

Discuss this with your stylist first and tell them that you’ve had a transplant as they may be able to suggest chemicals that will be gentler on your scalp.

Theoretically it’s ok to dye your hair after 6 weeks, but as you don’t want to jeopardise your hair transplant, it is generally considered preferable to wait 6 months




You cannot rush the hair transplant process. Although your transplant has been completed, the process of achieving the look that you want has just begun. The newly grafted hair follicles need time to embed and start to grow new permanent hair and although you may want to, you cannot speed up the process.

Hair grafts take at least 10 days to begin to take root but even then they can be easily dislodged by any kind of friction, so, washing, hat wearing, and styling should all be undertaken carefully.

We at the Harley Street Hair Clinic are best placed to advise you about caring for your scalp after surgery. We have an experienced team of clinicians who are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Take a look at our Harley Street Hair Clinic website and see what we can do for you, or contact us today for a no obligation chat Call Now Don’t delay – your ideal you could be just a phone call away!





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