Hair loss has been a very emotional thing for me. Neither of my parents lost their hair and all of my siblings were fine - I really didn't understand why I was losing mine. The GP advised me it could be due to a thyroid problem or stress, however when I came to Harley Street Healthcare they ran a few tests and confirmed that my thyroid was fine as well as everything else in my blood tests. I decided to take the plunge on a hair transplant to get back the hair I had lost.

The procedure itself lasted 6 hours, I was given lunch by the friendly team and was able to have as many breaks as I needed throughout the day. The doctor gave me a strong dose of anesthetic as I was particularly concerned about pain, the anesthesia really helped and I felt very little discomfort throughout. To my surprise it actually turned out to be quite a pleasant experience.

Following the procedure I took a two week holiday to return to work thereafter. My work colleagues didn't notice a thing as I had cut my hair very short. In the first month a lot of the hair fell out - this didn't worry me as I was told about this during my consultation before the procedure.

7 Months on and my results are great. I have a full head of hair which i'm very pleased about, my barber can't even tell I've had a procedure. I would like to thank the team at Harley St Healthcare particularly Dr Matee for his amazing patient bedside manner.

Waleed Basayouni, 1500 FUE Grafts

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