I started losing my hair in my mid 20s. I noticed that I was losing hair first after coming out of the shower and seeing my wet hair in the mirror making it look very thin. Although it was difficult for others to notice it due to the length i kept it at, I was always very conscious about it.  As my hair loss continued, I started wearing hats more often to cover it up, which made things very difficult for me as I knew I was trying to "cover up" something.

My decision to contact Harley Street Healthcare came after my partner told me frankly that I was going bald. I really wanted my hair back, and I felt that this was the turning point.

I had a consultation and the procedure followed soon after. The actual procedure itself was actually quite relaxing. Initially I was worried about it being painful however the team at Harley Street kept me really relaxed, I had toilet breaks as well as a gourmet lunch half way through. I'm really thankful to the experienced team at Harley Street.

My hair line is completely full now, I've been able to dye it all sorts of different colors without having to worry about it falling out. The best thing about my hair is that I can now run my hands through my own hair without the fear of it falling out.

I just wish i'd had the procedure 10 years earlier.

David Graham, 3500 FUT Grafts

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